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Lorna M. Long

Lorna M. Long

Certified Life/Performance Coach

Whole Food Plant Based Coach

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Ignite your child’s imagination and love of reading!

This is for you if...

You’d like to have a literacy resource delivered to your mailbox every month targeted to your child’s age with seasonal book suggestions.

Wouldn’t it be fun to get a series of books and literacy suggestions, latest research, reading tips every month in your mailbox so you can build that incredible bond with your children as you read together and build the habit of reading?

You’d like to have a fun activity making up stories for when you travel by car, plane or just SITTING at home with digital storytelling prompt cards. Let’s have some fun!

Take turns making up stories with the help of digital story prompts from mermaids, to gnomes, to wizards, and more. You can’t imagine the fun it becomes as you watch their imagination and creativity unfold at the same time as their language skills explode.

You’re interested in the impact storytelling can have on your child’s emotional IQ where skills like emotional resilience, empathy, decision-making, self-confidence and more can easily be developed.

Let me share with you my innovative course so that together we give our children the tools they could very well use as they confront this society we’re living in where the challenges have become many. We can make a difference in their lives just by inviting stories with a clear goal or skill in mind. Let me teach you how!

How it Works


Explore all the resources I’ve made available to you here in order to invite more reading into your home or school.


Check out our very own ebook Collection full of adventure and fun through Maddie’s mischievous adventures.


Join our Workshop or Webinar with its video tutorials, ebook, and comprehensive resources to ignite your child’s Emotional IQ via storytelling.

Find the power of storytelling as a tool to explode the emotional IQ of your children.

There is an easy way to impact our youths’ Emotional IQ

Research has demonstrated the positive impact storytelling can have on the emotional IQ of our children. If properly used and guided you can impact their emotional regulation, empathy, social skills, self-esteem and self-confidence, problem solving and decision making, emotional resilience, and more.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

We are at an age where tablets, and phones are so powerful and influential but not necessarily in the best way. The NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) notes anxiety levels among adolescents has risen 31.9 %, of depression 20.1 %, feelings of isolation and helplessness 20.1 %; and some presenting severe impairment. What can we do?

Let’s get them early!

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So you’re asking yourself…

Just how can I become a better storyteller and obtain these results in my kids?

I have designed three ways to get there, a Self-paced Course that you do when it’s convenient for you, at your own pace with all the information, eBook, video tutorials, and suggested material; a Webinar we can do together virtually or the eBook + one session of 1:1 Coaching where we give a thorough review of the material and provide you with most of the tools to implement the many suggestions as you become your very own Master Storyteller!

Yes, Please. Let’s Get Started!

Option 1

Supercharge your kids emotional iq through storytelling

ebook + coaching

1 x 1:1 Virtual Coaching Session

30 Days of Email Support

Printable eBook (PDF)

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One time payment

Option 2


6 x Virtual Coaching Calls

6+ Hours of Video Training

Weekly Email Support

Printable eBook (PDF)

$497 $297

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Option 3

6 week wEBINAR

12 x 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions

12 + Hours of Video Training

Weekly Email Support

Printable eBook (PDF)

24/7 Email & Whatsapp Support

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Payment Plans Available

TIRED OF TRYING TO get your kids to get excited about reading?

It's possible to use their own imagination and creativity to foster their emotional development and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Sounds Amazing, Right?

let’s do this

The Maddy Mcbride collection


Instant Download

$5.55 USD/eBook

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My stories basic kit


Instant Download

$9.99 USD/Digital Prompt Cards


crianza efectiva/effective parenting


Instant Download

$8.99 USD

Parenting Tips

Is there a better way to parent?

Check out this Guide full of tips on Effective Parenting

Pick your Potion

Free Coloring pages

Spark your kids imagination and creativity as they color. Research has demonstrated how coloring can increase focus, and generate a sense of peace.

Monthly Newsletter

Books and literacy suggestions by age, reading tips and more every month right in your mailbox. Build the bond and habit of reading with your children as you read together.

Fun recipes

I’ve creatively used new and known book stories to create a fun cooking experience. I invite you to check them out here there’s nothing more fun!

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Ready to Get Started?

This is where everything changes. I’m here to guide you from regular reading with your children to adventures where you will traverse enchanted lands, use magical potions and wonder what the next ancient scroll will reveal! Let’s map out how to become a master storyteller with a mission and supercharge their emotional IQ!

"I cannot recommend LORNA enough! She has made me remember what it’s like to let my imagination run wild and get my daughter so excited to create stories with me that we have spent many afternoons laughing and sharing as we read”

Nancy A.

Parent of Lauren

"If you're looking for some great reading tips and can’t think of how to reach your kids, LORNA has it all laid out for you! Just follow the prompts and have fun with your kids.”

"Working with LORNA has been life-changing! I have never enjoyed watching my kids imagination unfold like this before. I love knowing what to do and noticing my son handling things better emotionally when things don’t go his way. Who would think storytelling could help?”

Laura P.

Parent of Genovieve

Gladys S.

Parent of Tobias

Meet Your Master Storyteller

I'm Lorna

Hi there! I cannot tell you how excited I am you’re here. One of my biggest passions is generating a love of reading in kids, for this I have been known to wear magical capes (blanket), hats, used magical potions and scrolls-all to ignite the creativity and imagination that is unparalleled in children. I have worked in various elementary schools, done many literacy conferences on the importance of reading with your kids, and my favorite- read with many many kids including my own. I have used the “your turn-storytelling method” to ignite any kids imagination and invite them to use and develop their verbal skills-which has been well documented will improve their cognitive skills and therefore academic success. I have developed workshops, courses, and webinars to help parents and schools implement “Magical and Guided Storytelling” in order to develop the emotional IQ in their children in order to ignite a variety of essential skills that this day and age are very much needed (emotional tolerance, empathy, social skills, problem solving and decision making, self-esteem and self-confidence, emotional resilience and much more. I hope here you find something that will excite you and invite you to dig deeper and to connect better with your children, or provide your teachers with a little “extra” magic or maybe as a caregiver turn you into that fairy that has a pocket full of magic in their arsenal of things to share with the children around you. Would love to hear your stories so let’s connect and take that first step together today!

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